Double bitcoin rewards on sMiles

Steps Rewards for Shopping

Earn 30 days of DOUBLE Bitcoin rewards for steps, by shopping at the sMiles store.
Unlock Double Bitcoin Rewards πŸ’°
Earn 30 days of double Bitcoin rewards for steps, by shopping at any of the sMiles Bitcoin cashback stores. Check out some of the available Bitcoin cashback stores below. The full list of merchants is visible in the app.
Exclusions πŸ™‚
Any sMiles purchase value of $1 USD or more, qualifies for receiving double sats for steps for 30 days. Some restrictions apply for non-qualifying purchases, e.g. product returns, or special categories.
Eight Sleep
Up to 3% bitcoin cashback.
Atlas VPN
Up to 15% bitcoin cashback.
Up to 5% bitcoin cashback.
Up to $10 bitcoin cashback.
Up to 8% bitcoin cashback.
Up to $15 bitcoin cashback.

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