NFC Check-ins with Bitcoin Rewards

Reward your customers for visiting locations, and checking in. Identify users, and reward your most loyal customers.

Every NFC Check-in Triggers a Positive Emotion

The system behind sMiles NFC tags is designed to identify, attract, retain, and reward your most loyal customers. How is this done? A simple tap on a sMiles NFC tag makes physical purchases or visits more exciting for businesses, and more rewarding for customers.

Serve Your Customers Better

Customers want to be rewarded for being good customers. With sMiles NFC tags, you not only incentivize your customers to visit certain locations, but get them hooked to visit your store again and again. This enables you to serve them better and better.

Create Powerful Relationships with Customers

Fun and surprising rewards are directly integrated inside sMiles API. You can easily create different status and loyalty tiers, encouraging customers to shop. Customers can have a choice between both, earning company points, or Bitcoin rewards.

Physical Stores

Franchises, mall operators, and other venues with their own apps can use the sMiles API and NFC integration to attract and reward customers. Users can opt-in to share their data, in exchange for earning rewards. The more customers visit a location, the more they can earn.


Distribute sMiles NFC tags to all conference exhibitors, and place them on their booths. By integrating the sMiles API into conference apps, visitors can check in at any booth, automatically exchange information, while receiving a fixed or random Bitcoin reward.

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App Integration

sMiles physical check-ins can be integrated natively into your app.
  • Existing UI components

  • Universal for iOS and Android

  • Fixed or randomized rewards

Check-in Dashboard

Monitor and identify your most loyal customers through the sMiles dashboard.
  • Manage rewards

  • Create loyalty tiers

  • Monitor daily loyalty activity

  • Identify loyal customers

79% of customers want fun and surprising rewards, especially when linked to purchases.
Being a good customer should be rewarding.


Integrate sMiles NFC tags into your app to attract the most loyal customers.