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Bitcoin Rewarded Games

Playing games should be both, fun and rewarding.

The old way of playing games

was to get virtual in-game awards, currency, or other in-game assets, which don’t have value outside of the game. At sMiles, we believe that your in game achievements actually matter. That’s why we believe they should have tangible real world value.

The new way of playing games

is to deliver value to games, and signal that your virtual accomplishments matter also financially. Bitcoin is suited perfectly for this. Adding Bitcoin to games makes a key difference in traditional gaming. Bitcoin matters everywhere, while virtual in-game currencies only matter there.

Our Games

List of the games that you can play on the sMiles app.
sMiles Bitcoin Arcade


Discover and play fun new games to earn Bitcoin rewards on sMiles. The more games you discover, the more rewards you earn.
Bitcoin Chess sMiles


Play full chess games against AI, and try to win. By exercising your brain, you get rewarded in Bitcoin.
Bitcoin Chess Puzzles sMiles

Chess Puzzles

Solve easy and more difficult chess puzzles to get Bitcoin rewards. There is no limit to how many puzzles you can solve.
Fort Nakamoto sMiles Bitcoin

Fort Nakamoto

Tap the famous Fort Nakamoto. Similar to original Bitcoin faucets, this special Fort will let you win a random amount of sats.
Bitcoin 3D sMiles

Satoshi's Wheel

Spin the fortune wheel to win free Bitcoin. Every spin matters, because you might win some Bitcoin.

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