Collect Bitcoin rewards in the real world

Bitcoin rewards around you.
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Surprise Rewards
Advertisers can reward special gifts to sMiles users. Special gifts can include gift cards, and other physical or digital rewards.
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User Loyalty
Bitcoinverse makes the brand and consumer relationship extremely fun. For the first time, brands can actually establish trust + user loyalty by spending most advertising $ with them.
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Gamified Activities
The Bitcoinverse experience is gamified, making walking to locations fun and rewarding.
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Users: earn real Bitcoin rewards instead of points for discovering brands and shopping.
Brands: get new happy consumers directly into their stores.
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Put Bitcoin on the Map

If you're an advertiser, you can position real Bitcoin rewards on the map, and attract customers to any physical location. sMiles users will come and discover rewards at your location.
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Get Lightning Rewards
No gimmicks. sMiles is Bitcoin only! Once you find Bitcoin at locations around you, you can withdraw the sats straight to your Lightning Wallet.
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Attract Bitcoiners
Get Bitcoiners to run to your locations, by partnering with sMiles. Buy your Bitcoinverse ads today.
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