Healthcare is most efficient when there is proactive focus on physical activity. There is scientific consensus on the tremendous health benefits of simply walking 30 minutes a day. It greatly reduces the most common medical conditions, including strokes, heart disease, sleep apnea, hypertension, and many others.

For the first time, sMiles enables healthcare providers to transform their business models, and directly incentivize their customers to be physically active. It's a win-win when insurances reduce claim costs, while healthcare customers improve their health.

sMiles incentivizes customers to be healthy, by paying them small amounts of Bitcoin. The sMiles Lightning Backend handles all of the heavy load, including securing user data, validating user movements, and sending Bitcoin to users.

Fast integration for Healthcare providers

sMiles provides direct support to healthcare providers, enabling direct integrations with existing apps, or using the sMiles app infrastructure.

Exciting ways to deliver a better healthcare experience

1. Rewards based on physical activity
2. Run health challenges
3. Notifications with customized incentives

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