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Revolutionizing Rewards with Bitcoin

Reach over 120k Bitcoiners in the United States, Canada, Europe, South Korea, and Japan. Create positive brand recognition and earn trust from Bitcoiners.
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  • Select your locations to attract Bitcoiners
  • Ads Manager for campaign monitoring
  • sMiles sets and distributes rewards
  • Trackable campaigns
  • Advertiser provides a logo, copy, and CTA with URL
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One-time payment
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  • Reach 120k Bitcoiners
  • Up to 30% open rate
  • Advertiser provides a graphic, copy, and CTA with URL
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  • Satoshi's Wheel, Fort Nakamoto, and Chess Games
  • 20k+ games played daily
    Prominent placement for all Bitcoin rewarded games
  • Advertiser provides a logo, copy, and CTA with URL

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Bitcoin Rewards on Steroids

sMiles creates trust between the brand and consumer relationship, by rewarding users with real Bitcoin rewards.

Traditional Ad Channels


Advertising dollars only go to tech monopolies
Most advertising dollars go to users
Targeting Bitcoiners is hard
All sMiles users are Bitcoiners
Oftentimes negative brand relationship
Users perceive brand positively
Unrewarding experience
Fun and Bitcoin rewarded experience
Brands compete for the attention of consumers, while consumers do everything to escape privacy intruding ads
Brands and consumers become partners