Lightning Backend

Use the sMiles Lightning Backend to easily add Bitcoin incentives to your app
The sMiles Lightning Backend (available as API) enables retailers and publishers to monetize and reward users with Bitcoin. Moreover, any small user action can become an economic transaction, for example, likes, shares, or actions inside apps, games, media outlets, and other publishers. Bitcoin cashback for shopping is the best way to ensure long-term customer loyalty.

The backend is scalable and versatile, which unlocks true superpowers for retailers and publishers looking to monetize their user base in better ways.

Every small or big social platform, app, game, or media outlet needs to monetize. Users either pay to use the service or use the service for free in exchange for selling their data for ads. Users are aware of this exchange, but the existing ecosystem does not benefit users.

Google and Facebook single-handedly capture most advertising dollars, while users pay with their valuable attention. But why shouldn’t users also fairly be rewarded for their attention, likes, comments, and shares they spend on ads?

We believe they should, and the sMiles Lightning Backend enables this.

Users will love it, as they get real Bitcoin for attention on a platform. User loyalty will go through the roof. Early adopters of the sMiles Lightning Backend will benefit most.
Reward Users
Retaining users on your platform is not an easy task. The sMiles Lightning Backend enables apps, games, media outlets, and other platforms to reward user attention with Bitcoin, instantly and at almost no transaction cost.
Monetize Users
App and game developers can charge users for in-app content or items. Media outlets can monetize their audiences on article basis. Tiny amounts can be added to, or subtracted from user balances.
Bitcoin and Lightning Network

Simple integration for Developers

The sMiles Lightning Backend backend is robust, highly scalable, and secure. Developers will benefit from direct help from the sMiles team, to test, and deploy the backend. One example of a successful sMiles backend integration is the all-in-one messenger IM+.

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